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Welcome to Brighton Stag Nights

Everything you need to organise a great stag night in Brighton.

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At Brighton Stag Nights we believe that putting your own Stag Night together, (rather like booking a holiday or buying insurance) will be cheaper by cutting out the middleman! So we have set up this stag night website to help you do just that. We have all the Brighton information you need to organise your own Stag Night, Stag Weekend or Stag Party in Brighton, we can guide you to shows and stag night events including the fabulous Brighton Babes Cabaret Show , the “School Disco Beach Party” and “Brighton Stag Party”, friendly Hotels, their location and possible discounts, the best Clubs in the country with priority stag night entry and some great bars and pubs as well.


Brighton - Best place for your stag night

Brighton and Hove has had City status bestowed on it and it is known as the city of culture. Brighton is probably the most popular location in the country for Stag and Hen nights, not surprising when you consider it’s dynamic night life is only paralleled in the West End of London. It’s charm, sophisticated chic, lively beachfront, history and eclectic mix all make it a fantastic place to plan your stag night or stag weekend.

Brighton has one thing to offer that London can’t, turn south, walk about 100 metres and breathe in the open space of the seaside and meet loads of gorgeous babes dressed up for their Hen Weekends at the Adonis Cabaret Show. What better incentive do you need Stags than hundreds of horny Hens by the sea!

Stag Night Events

No Stag Night or Weekend in Brighton would be complete without booking the amazing Brighton Babes Cabaret Show , as well as the Stag Night friendly “Beach Party School Disco” at it’s home in the Babylon Lounge along Hove Seafront. Its great fun especially as there are always over 200 Hen Night revellers there. Click on Events to find out all about this fabulous Stag Night offering.

Hotels for Stag Groups

We have selected some great hotels suitable for stag night groups with some of the best prices around. By booking direct we believe it could save you £££££’s - Have a look at our honest reviews for stag nights and click on Hotels to find out more.

Food&Booze - Stag Night essentials

No Stag night would be complete without plenty of eating and drinking! Listed here you will find some great stag night friendly pubs, Brighton clubs and restaurants. Click Food&Booze to find out where to go when you get to Brighton.

Remember the theme:
Brighton Stag Nights WILL save you £££’s





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